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Aero Compact 4P Raft w/Canopy & Deluxe Kit


DOMESTIC SALES ONLY. NO INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES. GROUND SHIPPING ONLY. DROP SHIPPED FROM SUPPLIER. CONTACT US FOR CURRENT LEAD TIME AND AVAILABILITY. Ideal for general aircraft, the compact and lightweight Aero Compact offers an enhanced level of safety for over-water flights. With double 200 lb. SuperRev ballast pockets, the Aero Compact enhances stability in the roughest of sea conditions. Its light weight allows for easy deployment, and the compact size makes stowage easy even in the smallest of spaces. Includes optional canopy in international orange. Included Equipment: • Hand Pump • Sea Anchor • Floating Knife • Bailer • Pressure Relief Valve Deluxe kit includes: 2 Food Ration 1 Desalting kit 1 Utility Knife 1 Flash light w/ Batt. 1 Sponge 1 Whistle 1 Signal Mirror 1 Signal Flare Kit 1 Sea Dye Marker 1 Repair Kit 1 Thermal blanket 1 Compass 2 Paddles 1 Fishing Kit Weight and Dimensions Depth 8 in. Width 11 in. Length 14 in. Weight 24.5 lbs. Floor 3.6 sq. ft.

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