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SR20 FAA POH (11934-005, Perspective+)


Current revision of the FAA Approved SR20 Pilot's Operating Handbook PN 11934-005 for SR20 airplane serial numbers 2339 and subsequent with Perspective+ avionics. Hardcopy POH. Includes leatherette 7-ring binder and tab dividers. Note: A Serialized Pilot's Operating Handbook is listed as required equipment on the aircraft's FAA Type Certificate. If you've lost or need to replace the serialized POH that was delivered with the aircraft, a copy of the as-delivered Weight and Balance data and Equipment List is available. Refer to store item 11934 SR20 POH Equipment List. Note: This item is drop-shipped to you directly from our vendor. NOTE: SR20 Perspective+ aircraft registered in an EASA-member state should use FAA-approved POH 11934-005 and include supplement 11934-S29, "SR20 Airplanes Registered in the European Union."

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